Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Before my first daughter was born, we along with my husband's family, started the tradition of gathering for Sunday dinner. It's not formal, but allows us some family time, as well as an excuse to try new recipes,techniques and menus. I plan to share our Sunday Dinner menus on this blog.

This past Sunday we tried a new appliance that we received for Christmas, a multi-cooker, which can brown, slow cook (crock pot style), or pressure cook. We've never done any pressure cooking before so it was going to be an experiment! I checked out a book from the library, Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipesand decided to try "Cola Beef Roast with Sweet Onion au Jus."

I have to be honest, it was scary thinking about the pressure and the steam, plus I was skeptical about a tougher cut of meat (beef round roast) cooking in less than an hour. But VOILA - it worked terrific! The meat was tender and the juice was just like french onion soup. The next day for lunch we used the beef (sliced thin) in panini sandwiches with Munster cheese. YUM!

Note to self: put Miss Vickie's book on my Amazon Wish List. :-)

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